Programme and Activities
  • Training and education programme of short and long durations including seminars, symposiums, workshops and conferences as a means of continuing education and training for practicing urban managers, elected representatives, administrators and other stake holders in government and non-government sector.
  • Programmes and activities may cover concepts, principles and techniques related to development administration and management in government in general and in Urban Local Bodies in particular.
  • Policy oriented research, consultancy and extension services for the evaluation and formulation of public and social policies.
  • Assist urban local bodies, public and private organizations to improve their administration and management through consultancy and by extension services.
  • Publication and production of research papers, treaties, periodicals, books, and other literature related to education and training.
  • Institute and award scholarships, visiting fellowships, stipends, loan and other financial assistance to suitable and deserving students and scholars.
  • Establish collaborative and professional linkages with educational, training and professional institutes in any part of the world, having similar objectives by exchange of faculty and scholars, joint research in such a manner as may be conducive to the development of common professional objectives.
  • Function generally as the apex and nodal urban institution of the central region of India to provide training to set standards of proficiency in urban affairs.
Activities and Outcome
Activities and Outcome
  • Act as a Think Tank and Knowledge Hub.
  • Provide need based capacity building support to its stakeholders.
  • Preparation of training materials and competency based Modules and best practices documents.
  • Organizing training of trainers, exchange visits etc.
  • Run professional courses.
  • Maintain close links and liaise with Industry and Chambers of Commerce.
  • Network with National and International agencies -learn from each other.
  • Undertake policy and action research and provide consultancy.
  • A national platform for exchanging view and ideas among political executives and Urban Managers leading to effective decision making.
  • Enhance understanding of urban policy and administrative integrities of municipal administration.
  • Need based training leading towards effectiveness of Municipal Administration and Development on sustained basis.
  • Responding to professional queries and filling knowledge gap through “Knowledge Hub”.
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